Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gingivitis (periodontal disease) can be fatal!

Gingivitis, a periodontal disease can be fatal in the course of pathogenesis. Sometime, we omit this gingivitis and we take it as a minor medical problem. First, I would like to reveal - what is gingivitis? The gingivitis is the infection of gum of tooth, caused by bacteria in general. When infection spreads upto 3mm or more than 3mm depth of gum, gingivitis is commenced. Now, the worst complications of this disease are heart disease or stroke. Recently, clinical study suggested that blood glucose concentration was increased in the patient, suffered from gingivitis, which is referred to gingivitis related diabetes. Therefore, precaution is to be taken to prevent from gingivitis inducing major medical problems such as heart disease or stroke. 'Dental hygene' is suggested.

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